We promote advancement, excellence and equity when we challenge our students and lift them up to bring the best out in them. As a parent, I want the best for our kids, no matter how they learn.  As a lawyer and policy professional, I understand that building trust in our schools means following our processes and policies makes sure we get evidence-based outcomes that maximize our resources for our students and educators.  Culver City Unified currently only spends 52% of its budget in the classroom, resulting in outdated and crumbling schools. CCUSD needs to do better to get the best resources for our kids and support our educators and staff.

Like all parents, I want to ensure my child is getting a good education and has a bright future. I know the importance of a strong public education system and the benefit it provides not only to the students, but to build a strong and safe community in Culver City that people are proud to call home. Culver City schools are one of our community's best assets.

As a member of the Culver City Unified Board of Education, I will focus on getting resources into our classrooms, expanding access to programs that challenge our students and providing support to at-risk students who have faced barriers to quality education such as unhoused students, students in foster families, students with learning disabilities, students where English is not the first language spoken in the home and those who face systemic barriers to quality education due to poverty and racial discrimination. 

I will work to build consensus and strengthen our public schools to make sure Culver City's values are represented and that all students have the opportunity to excel and be the best they can be.  

Go here for more details how we can prioritize students and educators, promote excellence and equity.

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