Detailed Plan


  • Restore funding to educators and classrooms from the current 52% percent to meet or exceed the 55% state minimum.
  • Support efforts to restore and invest in school infrastructure over administration costs – our classrooms, cafeterias and labs should not be falling apart or neglected
  • Focusing bond spending on a "classrooms first" basis, putting classrooms and student spaces ahead of parking lots and administration buildings.
  • Improving trust between parents, educators and the school board through regular meetings, increased input and bridge building.
  • Ensuring competitive compensation to attract and retain quality teachers and staff.
  • Focusing on ways to build employee morale and strengthening the partnership between labor and management.
  • Greater budget transparency on expenses so that we see and can ensure accountability for how funds are spent.
  • Procurement reform to ensure proper legal review and avoiding wasting money on outsourcing.
  • Placing priority on evidence-based education practice and collaboration with parents and teachers.
  • Improving the CCUSD-Culver City joint use agreement to maximize use of city facilities for education and to increase revenues.


  • Expand availability of A-G and other college readiness courses as less than 70% of Culver High School students graduate college ready.
  • Expand and protect access to honors and AP programs and add funding in increased support for at-risk socio-economic groups (e.g. Black Students, English learners).
  • Add more technology resources and classes to prepare for a 21st century workforce starting in elementary school through high school.
  • Continue to preserve strong K-12 arts education funding.
  • Oppose efforts to remove algebra from middle school curriculum.
  • Support greater investment in Career Technical Education and open pathways for apprenticeships for students that want to pursue careers in building trades.
  • Addition of teaching financial literacy and other life skills.


  • Apply a fair distribution of resources and equitable treatment of all students to help them feel physically and psychologically safe and secure.
  • Invest in programs to provide additional academic support to raise performance and increase access to honors and AP for economically disadvantaged, English learners and Black students.
  • Expand investment in full time college counseling and counseling resources for high school students.
  • Establish programs to help first generation immigrant families, English learners and socio-economically challenged families navigate the school system to advocate for their children.
  • Prioritize programs to support physically disabled, learning disabled and divergent students.
  • Implement a comprehensive review of special education compliance to ensure responsive support for learning divergent, physically disabled and learning disabled students.
  • Ensuring that restorative justice programs provide options for students and protection for victims of bullying.
  • Support training and intervention programs to address bias, antisemitism, homophobia, Islamophobia and racism that are productive for teachers, staff and students.
  • Expand and maintain safe and accessible public transit and bike access options for students.

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